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When: from 16 April 2008 until 21 April 2008
Location: Studio
via novi, 2

Published on: Tuesday 11 March
AM REFLECTIONS shared exhibition of two designers, Jacco Bregonje and Marko Macura.

A special presentation of furniture and lighting objects designed in mirror and glass for AM Lab of Antique Mirror. Explored are colours and reflections, crystallising imagination and subtle illusions through profound visions and insights.
Complimenting the AM Lab presentation, the exhibition will present new products and limited editions for brands and labels such as Artifort, Felicerossi, Marko Macura Design and Covo. Explored are forms and executions in aluminium, fibreglass, upholstery and plastic.


In the same way as the iconic coexistence of a table and chandelier defines a home, so do Sestile and Nebula this exhibition. A synthesis of home through a synthesis of an exhibition. A symbol of the collaboration between Marko Macura, Jacco Bregonje and Antique Mirror.
The objects speak of reflections and illusions, of lineament and profundity. Sestile, with its solid geometric structure, displays its subtle mirror surface, black and deep. Nebula, the chandelier with a distinct three dimensional effect, reflects its forms against itself creating visual illusions of form and light. Its silhouette reflects in the deep, dark surface of the table, showing its hidden side while morphing into the Sestile’s surface.

NEBULA by Marko Macura and Ingeborg van Uden

In astrological terms “Nebula” is the first stage of a star's cycle, the birth of a star. Nebula is a chandelier in black mirror mosaic. A multitude of interlocking semi cylindrical shapes (each containing a light sources) give it its form, while the deep black mosaic absorbs detail for a more graphical impression. Unexpectedly, when illuminated, the secrets and illusions of form are revealed. The semi-cylindrical forms complete themselves through reflection into internal bright figures. Playing on the perception of the beholder it asks the question: ‘what is real and what is the illusion’?

SESTILE by Jacco Bregonje

In classic astrology “sestile” is a harmonious form created by celestial bodies in equilibrium.
The table interplays with various faces of the structure. Each corner is like a knot which gives origin to six other faces. By changing ones point of view, certain faces become more significant or, on the contrary, disappear. The mirrored surface and the wooden structure alter their equilibrium harmonically, creating new feelings and sensations every time.

MAGNOLIA by Jacco Bregonje for Artifort

Inspired by the columns of the ‘30th Glaspaleis in Heerlen, The Netherlands, Magnolia is born as an architectural form. The armchair offers a variety of diverse sensations and associations depending on the eye of the beholder. Observing Magnolia one can imagine the sepal and stem of a flower or the crinoline and corset of a woman's dress from days gone by. Alternatively for the one who appreciates numbers and geometry, the metal base echoes the mathematic construction of the organic shape of the seat.
Magnolia is an interplay between empty and full, hard and soft. Its form is inviting to any vision; integrating perfectly in the DNA of the Artifort collection with an strong accent on the importance of comfort.

'MIMI' by Marko Macura

Mimi is an exploration in the fusion of sculpture and object, challenging sculptural possibilities within a functionally designed object. In simplest terms Mimi is a singular element designed as an infinitely modular concept used to create various archetypes. In this first manifestation it takes the form of a candelabra. Various configurations offer possibilities for making large sculptural installations or simply domestic table candelabras. The candelabra Mimi is available in high gloss black or polished aluminium.

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