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When: from 15 April 2008 until 15 April 2008
Location: Showroom Seves
via Ludovico il Moro, 25

Published on: Tuesday 15 April


AVMazzega e Seves glassblock present

100 % GLASS. 100% COLOR


In the suggestive setting of the new Seves showroom in Milan, colored glass acts as the guiding thread for 100% glass. 100% color, a spectacular polychromatic glass installation designed by Atelier Mendini that juxtaposes the eclectic “Sloop”,the  Murano glass chandelier by English designer Nigel Coates for AVMazzega with vibrant pieces from the “Mendini Collection”, the new line of Seves glass blocks inspired by the bright, lively hues of nature’s polychromatic panoply.


Two major names from the design world offer two masterful reinterpretations of one of civilization’s most ancient and cherished materials – glass – which demonstrates its vibrant contemporaneity through an aerial cascade of organic forms combined with the volumetric assertion of colored geometric glass screens that render the space both luminous and richly hued.


The chandelier “Sloop”  – part of the “Eclettici” collection, which revisits the stylistic features of Murano lamps of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries while introducing innovative colors and combinations with other forms and materials – is made from hand-blown glass in the colors crystal, fumé and white on a chromed or enameled metal armature. There are three chandelier models, from 9 to 16 bulbs, and a 3-bulb wall-mounted version. In sum, “Sloop” is a line of aesthetically captivating sculptural objects not only suited to classic, contemporary, eclectic and period-style domestic spaces, but also destined to carve out a nice slice of the important contract market pie.

The Mendini collection consists of 16 new glass block models ranging from boldly colored to black and white with varying degrees of transparency, representing a new generation of building components designed to illuminate contemporary home environments with exciting nuances of visual sensation. 




With its roots in the noble tradition of Venetian glassblowing, AVMazzega was founded in 1946 by Gianni Bruno Mazzega in Murano, timeless land of master craftsmen and apprentices working their kilns and who still today jealously guard the centuries-old secrets of glassblowing. 

Over the 60+ years since its founding, AVMazzega has reinterpreted and enlivened its Murano heritage with passion and determination without betraying its ancient roots, inviting international designers to test their wide-ranging expressive languages against the alchemies of sand, oxides and powders of this magical island.

The result is a refreshing collection of blown glass lamps that strike a vibrant balance between art and industry, tradition and modernity. 


Seves glassblock

World leader in the glass block industry, with a 40% market share and a production system articulated in 3 product lines (Design, Technology, Basic) along with the special Tailor Made service, Seves Glassblock has collaborated with, to name a few, Renzo Piano on the Maison Hermès in Tokyo (2001- 2006), with Santiago Calatrava for the Guillemin TGV Station in Liege (2006-2007), with the Moneo-Brock studio for the “Bagni di Tiberio” thermal spa complex in Panticosa (2007) and with Rafael Moneo for the library of the University of Deusto in Bilbao (2008).





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