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When: from 16 April 2008 until 21 April 2008
Location: Spazio Thaon di Revel 3
via Thaon di Revel Genova, 3

Published on: Wednesday 05 March

MISAEL, a new ethical-cultural project encompassing high-end Art, Style, Design and Food products, will be launched for the first time on the Italian market on occasion of the International Furniture Exhibition 2008.
Following the success met last January at The World Boutique of Hong Kong, MISAEL will exhibit its work-like products at Milan-based exclusive venue Thaon De Ravel between l6th and 21st April 08

“Art for the Soul and the Soul for Art, a message from the future contrasting with the world globalization”

Throughout the entire International Furniture Exhibition 2008 (16th-21st April 2008) MISAEL will exhibit unique pieces designed by 10 creative figures from all over the world including artists, designers, crafters at the exclusive Milan-based venue Thaon De Ravel 3, situated in the namesake street in the so-called Isola neighbourhood. Every day, between 18.00 and 21.00, visitors will be able to enjoy an aperitif plunged in the enthralling atmosphere of MISAEL world while tasting the wine and enjoying the music specially created for the project.

An ethical-cultural event promoted by Michael Haerens and Isabelle Qian, MISAEL comes to the market with limited edition, unique work-like products exploring the world of art, design and food. The inspiring principle of MISAEL’s world resides with the will to go beyond the globalized market, fashion and consumption dictates. The aim of the initiative is to offer its visitors work-like products embodying the passion driving their creators while communicating freshness, originality, handicraft vocation and technological know-how. Objects that set themselves apart for the high quality of the materials used and the painstaking aesthetic search cleverly complying with ethical rules.

MISAEL wants to deliver a New Message to the World, namely the Art of Living its different expressive forms encapsulate. MISAEL stands out from other companies mainly because its artists and designers are free to express their creativity. Completely detached from strict guidelines, trends or topics, they are left free to express their feelings. Accordingly original folding screens, bookshelves, lights, 100% cashmere garments, jewels, technical bombers, sculpture-like objects, music as well as high-end wine come into being.

Entering the MISAEL world means joining a community of creative minds, a project that sets itself apart both against its creativity and the lofty values of its contents; it means embracing a sort of in-progress perspective that encompasses new projects, new artists coming from all over the world and creating every time unique pieces overflowing with passion, emotions and originality.

The MISAEL logo aims at communicating Energy, Serenity and Thoughtfulness: orange symbolises energy, somehow slowed down by the Chaos ruling our three bodies, physical, emotional and mental which have always clashed with the Soul and, in the case in point, symbolised by the white thread hank. Burgundy, instead, aims at communicating a sense of
inner Peace and makes us understand the meaning of the symbol in its entireness: our galaxy and ourselves into it. It is right here that visitors will follow MISAEL thread to grasp the authenticity of its multi-faceted artistic expressions, whose uniqueness resides with the deeply genuine mark of its creators.

Designed to mirror its high-end, premium vocation in Art, Style, Design and Food, MISAEL will be available at multi-brand stores, multi-purpose facilities and dedicated corners at outlets. The project also envisages to set up real shops to provide meeting and exchange places, sensory territories where relaxing and regenerating oneself in an environment where the art of living, music and the search for beauty will be the unquestioned leads. For the time being the preview of the project is scheduled to take place at Spazio Ravel on occasion of the Design Week in Milan.

Manager of Pacific Union srl, a important company in the clothing industry for Italian and foreign brands, with offices in Vicenza, Milan, Paris, Shanghai. Michael Haerens decided to create MISAEL after spending 25 years travelling the whole world and gathering information, stimuli and reflections in art, interior design, fashion, music. The soundtrack that will provide the background music to MISAEL throughout the Furniture Exhibition 2008 has been composed by Haerens himself. Isabelle Qian has collaborated with Michael Haerens since more than 10 years, she lives in China where she is in charge of the production of clothing for Pacific Union srl.
A key role plays Monica Gentini, project manager of MISAEL, who has a long-standing experience in international publishing, fashion, show business.

More info
Sito http:// www.misael.eu
Mail press@consoloproduzioni.it
Telefono 02 34938090

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