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'Why Have Furniture When You Can Have Art?'
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When: from 16 April 2008 until 21 April 2008
Location: Savona12
via Savona, 12

Published on: Tuesday 08 April


‘Why Have Furniture When You Can Have Art?’
an exhibition of functional art objects in wood by
h. ollary. b.
Love Wood Gallery
Via Savona 12
Zona Tortona
Milan 20144
Dates and Times:
April 16-21, 10:00 - 22:00
Opening Reception:
16 Apr, 19:00
Bus 47, 59, 68, 74, 91
 Tram 5, 11
 MM2 Porta Genova
As a pioneer in contemporary functional object art, h. ollary. b. is neither an artist who makes a table into a work of art nor an artist who makes a work of art out of a table. She is an artist who makes a work of art which is a table: part of its 'meaning' is dependent on its being a table and part of its form is dependent on its being a work of art. 
‘Why Have Furniture When You Can Have Art?’ is a question h. ollary. b. first posed six years ago when she opened the Love Wood Gallery in the centre of Antwerp as a permanent exhibition space for her collections. It is a question which presumes the possibility to replace all the functional forms which equip the spaces we live and work in with objects which not only fulfil the practical requirements of our spaces but move us, inspire us and challenge us as works of art. It is a concept she has explored over the years since in exhibitions at leading art galleries and fairs across Europe adding with each new exhibition a new collection of forms: chairs, tables, lighting features, space dividers and even cabinets. . . and each new piece has been a unique titled artwork.
Now the artist proposes to take this question to the leading event in the design world with her first solo exhibition during the FuoriSalone in Milan. She is looking forward to a dynamic dialogue with collectors, editors of limited edition design, and commentators. In the exhibition ‘Why Have Furniture When You Can Have Art?’ to be presented in Milan the artist will include work from various collections created over the past three years some of which have been recently on exhibition at Fortis Corporate Buildings in Brussels as part of the exhibition ‘Vijf jaar bij het Albertkanaal een tentoonstelling van h. ollary. b.’as well as new work launched at the FORM London Contemporary Art and Design Fair held at Olympia at the end of February.
Look out for her once-off unique piece The ClintonObama Games Table to be shown for the first time at this exhibition.
April 8, 2008
Charles King

More info
Sito http:// www.lovewoodgallery.com
Mail info@lovewoodgallery.com
Telefono 0032499318059

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