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collectif Samare [Canada]
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When: from 18 April 2008 until 19 April 2008
Location: Samare Temporary Space
via Molino delle Armi, 7

Published on: Wednesday 16 April

samare: collection awadare

based in Montreal, samare is a collective – comprised of four architects and designers- that revisits national cultural emblems and translates them into contemporary objects that are transplantable globally. samare is composed of Laurie Bedikian, Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, Mania Bedikian and Patrick Meirim de Barros.

with its first collection awadare [definition : we live in], samare refers itself to Quebec’s aboriginal methods with the use of babiche, a natural leather hind most commonly used in the lacing of snowshoes.  by putting forward a collection where the combination of metal and babiche is intertwined, the collective is unveiling a series of objects that are inspired directly by the national capacity to acclimate to the environment; wherefore each object is materialized to represent a different aspect of living.

by appropriating this unique and genuine material babiche, samare is not only setting forth a uniquely exclusive objects but is also participating in the preservation of a cultural heritage, as the knowledge associated with this matter is disappearing. brought forward by the native tribes of Eastern Canada, this vernacular technique of treating and weaving animal hide, is being elevated to achieve noble status. handcrafted according to ancestral methods of fabrication, babiche is therefore drawing the attention it truly deserves as an exclusive material.

collectif Samare at SaloneSatellite, 16-21 April 2008, Pav. 28 - stand C31, Quartiere Fiera (Rho) Milan Italy

aperitivo “Le Temps des Sucres”, Friday 18 April 2008 - 5pm to 10pm, via Molino delle Armi 7, 20123 Milan

RSVP:   info@samare.ca



More info
Sito http:// www.samare.ca
Mail info@samare.ca
Telefono +393297322137

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