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Jusan Network
born from an equipe of professionals who had decided to join their experiences of over 12 years in the field of consulting services IT, planning and training. Jusan network offers Consulting, System Integration and Training. Researching the most innovative solutions, Listening to different channels and Sharing the best solutions are the distinctive characteristics of the network created from Susan NetWork. Jusan believes in the Business Integration and in Comunication and gives to the companies simple and cheap solutions. Jusan NetWorks approach, in any of his project, is always characterised from an accurate analysis of the clients problems. Its method consists in studying not only the best computer solution, but also a systemic solution, at 360 degrees, taking in consideration the real needs.

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Daniele Galiffa | Mentegrafica
IT consultant onRIA, OnLine Collaboration tools, eLearning and Information Visualization planning and developement, oriented on increasing the value of the User Experience.

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Nastro azzurro

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(external link to jusan.it website that will include all the istructions for downloading and installing the application)

A project by: Fuorisalone.it
Jusan Network

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Nastro azzurro

Fuorisalone.it presents a brand new and innovative service, a guide on Fuorisalones events dedicated to mobile phones. This guide gives you the possibility to have all the information about Fuorisalones events on your mobile phone in an easily consultable way.

Stop with the traditional guides and flying notes! Now you can administer your personal agenda of events looking directly on your mobile phone thanks to a system which allows you to research by: key-word, zone, day and tag. This is the safer and easier way to find, share and exchange informations related to the events! Dont waste your time! Download the guide and find your Fuorisalones events!!

DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE: CLICK HERE (External link to jusan.it website where you will find all the information about how to download and install the guide )

The guide is developed from Jusan (Jusan Network snc) with Daniele Galiffa (mentegrafica) and Fuorisalone.it. It is based on a dedicated software in Java (MIDLet based on MIDP 1.0) fit to any mobile phone which have installed a Java version from 1.0 to any future version.

How do you install the guide?
It’s very easy, it’s enough to connect to the address www.jusan.it/fuorisalone, and download the file suggested in the instruction page. Once on your computer you can transfer it to your phone either throug the dedicated software for your mobile or by bluethoot or usb cable.
Example for Nokia phones:
Download the guide to the events software, transfer it with the software nokiapc suite throug the function “installations and applications”. 

Do I have to pay to download and use the guide? Do I pay when I search for events?
No. The guide is completely free, once downloaded the file with the application and all the events there’s no need of any external call, so it doesn’t exist a cost for calling. All the data will be on your phone.

Do I need  a lot of space on my mobile for the guide?
No. The guide consist of one file (infoeventi.jar) of 70kb, less than a mobile phone photo. Once the fuorisalone is over you can delete the guide from your phone and regain the small space occupied from it previously.


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