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Michel Boucquillon

Schedule From 13-04-2005 to 18-04-2005
Where Zona Tortona
Address via Savona 11

Michel Boucquillon: from the architecture of the European Parliament to the design of furnishings made with Corian®

exhibition presented with the support of the Region de Bruxelles-Capital

It’s not easy to escape from the glamour of architecture when, in your mid-twenties (1988), you become the architect of a building with an outstanding symbolic content like the Hemicycle of the European Parliament (in Brussels).
And yet Michel Boucquillon, with the products he is presenting currently in Milan, shows he has today achieved, with great skill, the delicate integration between architecture and design.

In particular, in using an eclectic material like DuPont™ Corian®, Michel Boucquillon reveals his qualities as a refined designer, succeeding in transforming traditional bathroom decor products into elegant instruments for advanced consumers.

But the urge to experiment also brings Boucquillon into the dining area, the living room… and, finally, into the limelight at Milan's Design Week…


1) Presentation in international preview of STRIP, free standing bath (100x200) in DuPont™ Corian®, designed for the collection "Labels Design by Aquamass" by the Belgian Aquamass firm.
The design of the bath enables it to be die-cast from a single sheet of material. By avoiding all need for gluing and further processing this method cuts manufacturing costs sharply, so that, though it definitely remains an upmarket product, the bath can be brought to a wider range of consumers.

In addition to the black and white versions, in future it will also be available in new exclusive colors. And STRIP will be joined, in the coming months, by a more compact free standing bath (80x180), wall bath, shower and washbasin.

2) SLIDE, a collection of bathroom accessories and washbasins designed for Valli&Valli, clearly represent Michel Boucquillon's concept: that products made from DuPont™ Corian® can be created by a “conceptual gesture”, in which the object's function seems to sculpt the form of the product.
On display is ALL-IN-ONE: washbasin and mirror integrated in a single curved plane.
The collection also includes furnishings, such as the corner unit, and small accessories (soap dish, shelf, toilet-roll holder…).

3) The MUMMY LONGLEG dining table practically defies the laws of physics, because by combining two sheets of Corian® (no less than 2.5 meters long) yet just 13 millimeters thick, Boucquillon has designed a sag-proof table top.
Thanks to the gentle swelling of the lower sheet, giving it a slightly paunchy look, Boucquillon confers a three-dimensional quality on the table-top, at the same time working a minor “structural miracle".
At the entrance to the exhibition the MUMMY VERY LONGLEG table greets the public in an outsize version: like a portal through which they pass, raising one hand to caress its “paunch”.

4) The basic model of the table is called MUMMY WHISPER. At the exhibition it astonishes visitors with a truly special experience. It is endowed with two “emotional” functions: audio and visual. Thanks to its Omnivox invisible sound amplification system, as visitors approach the table they will hear sounds and voices from MUMMY WHISPER, rather as if it were (as the name suggests) a “talking table”. At the same time a light source concealed in the “paunch” casts a soft glow over the table-top.

5) I’M YOUR STAMP is a stackable chair with armrests which, as its name suggests, has been conceived as if it were moulded to the user: its profile imagines and follows the profile of an imaginary body. This prototype in Corian® is a preliminary study of a chair whose production is forthcoming, in polypropylene strengthened with fiberglass.
On display in the exhibition is also the sofa version.

6) The FOLD FOR YOU series of seating includes a rocking chair, a fixed armchair and a pouf. By fully exploiting the qualities of Corian®, in this project Boucquillon has succeeded in obtaining different types of seating thanks to the different ways the material is folded and moulded. The rocking chair and the fixed armchair differ only by the additional curve in the base of the former.
Moreover, the seeming rigidity of the three models conceals a gentle hollow in the seat, specially designed to make it more comfortable.

7) CUTUP is the prototype of a stackable chair that realizes the dream of a project created by simply cutting and folding a single sheet. This is also a preliminary study for a product that, for evident structural reasons, will be manufactured in the definitive version from polypropylene strengthened with fiberglass.

The prototypes have been developed in collaboration with DuPont (manufacturer of the Corian® brand material for solid surfaces) and with the specialized Lybra laboratory (Liguria).
The Omnivox system is produced by FeOnic Plc and distributed in Italy by Esarc.

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